F-16 Accidents

BAF F-16A #FA-113, crashed during landing at Hradec-Kralove AFB, Czech Rep. in 1995. The pilot ejected safely. [BAF photo by Antoine Roels]


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    The aircraft was one of three F-16s from 10 W being flown to the Czech air base at Hradec-Kralove to take part in the Czech IAF. On arrival, in heavy rain with a lot of standing water on the runway, the leader, Lt Col R. Theys, landed uneventfully and was followed by the landing of the pair. However, as the pair touched down in the beginning of the runway, they began to aquaplane under heavy braking. With 4,000 ft of runway left the leader ordered a go-around and lit up his afterburner, throwing a wall of exhaust and water at the number two and three aircraft. The pilot, Lt Anne-Marrie Jansen (the only female Belgian AF fighter pilot), was still happy with her braking performance and decided not to go around and attempted to steer off to the left hand taxiway at the end of the runway, because there was no arrestor cable nor overrun at the runway. She was going too fast and exited the runway at high speed. This forced her to eject as the aircraft started overturning on its back, tearing off the tail fin and smashing the nose cone. The airplane never caught fire. She only suffered minor injuries.

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