F-16 Accidents

Rear view of USAF F-16C block 40 #88-0421 who crashed into F-16C block 40 #88-0516 at Al Udeid AB, Qatar on June 15th, 2003. Both aircraft suffered severe damage and it was a miracle hat nobody was hurt, considering the fact that the F-16 who was hit was the first of 7 in a row and that the F-16 who hit the second F-16 was carrying live ammo. One of the attached sidewinders even caught fire. [USAF photo]


  • Timothy Moore on 2007-Jun-30 19:53:17 Timothy Moore said

    F16 mishap

    I was the Chief Airfield Manager during this mishap, Wanted to comment on the brave young air man who put this fire out with a fire extinguisher. EPU activated and all. We had to evacuate tent city, what a long HOT day that was.

    Any comments you can reach me
  • Retired (421ST) Black Widow Super on 2007-Oct-19 17:58:41 Retired (421ST) Black Widow Super said

    Correction for Airfield Manager

    Regarding the Chief Airfield Manager's comments. The fire was extingushed not by a young airman but instead by a AFETS Tech Rep in his 50's (He didn't hesitate, blink, panic, or even think of running for cover). Tent city was never evacuated as I was in my tent (located in the row closest to the flightline) at the time of the mishap.

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