• aaa.jpg
    F-16/79 Demonstrator, YF-16B #75752 fitted with the GE J79 engine. Note the extended tailpipe. [LMTAS photo]
  • aab.jpg
    F-16/79 prototype (#75752) banking over the Lockheed Forth Worth facilities and Carswell JRB. [LMTAS photo]
  • aac.jpg
    Unique F-16/79 (#75752) and F-16XL (Ship #1) formation. [LMTAS photo]
  • aad.jpg
    F16/79 (#75752) retracting it's landing gear during a full afterburner take-off. [LMTAS photo]
  • aaf.jpg
    F-16/79 (#75-0972) is seen here parked in a static in May of 1981. [Michel Klaver collection]
  • aag.jpg
    Some nice guy gave the F-16/79 demonstrator a Navy scheme in May of 1981. [Michel Klaver collection]
  • 75-0752.jpg
    A front view of two F-16s aircraft parked on the ramp. The F-16 on the right is #79-0419 and on the left is F-16/79 taken at General Dynamics on August 19th, 1982. [GD photo]
  • 75-0749_008.jpg
    F-16XL #75-0749 armed with AIM-9 Sidewinder and AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles, flies with F-16/79 #75-0752 on January 1st, 1982. [GD photo]
  • 75-0752
    In 1981 the F-16/79 demonstrator was given a Navy scheme to make some admirals nervous. The type never went into production. [F-16.net photo].