F-16ES rolling out. Note the internal FLIR antennas on the nose [USAF photo]


  • Anonymous on 2004-Jan-29 21:08:08 Anonymous said

    GregD (habu2)

    The "internal FLIR antennas" on this aircraft were aerodynamic shapes only, not real FLIRs. Part of the "ES" flight test program was to determine how different FLIR sensor locations affected airflow, especially those placed under the nose in front of the inlet.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Jan-29 21:15:37 Anonymous said

    GregD (habu2)

    The conformal fuel tanks (CFTs) on this aircraft were also aerodynamic shapes only. When compared to production CFTs on Block 52+ and Block 60 aircraft the shape differences are apparent.

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    At some point this F-16 had its air intake modified to a big inlet standard (MSID intake) and with GE engine. Happened prior to 1993.

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