YF-16 and FSD Aircraft

YF-16 no. 1 is spotted landing at the end of the inadvertant flight following the high speed taxi trials. Note the bent up outboard trailing edge of the right horizontal tail. It scraped the runway during the severe roll oscillations. [LMTAS photo]


  • w cook on 2008-Oct-25 03:24:02 w cook said

    YF16 high speed taxi test/ first flight

    The tail did not receive damage on the high speed taxi test/first flt.. The static discharger on the right side scraped the ground and the wheel on the rear of the missile on the right wing was also scraped. I was there and inspected the aircraft when it was put back in the hangar. The aircraft flew only 6 minutes or so this day.The first flt was accomplished days later. G.D flew first. The YF17 flew later.

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  • Aircraft Database: F-16 #01567

    Rolled out at Fort Worth, Texas on December 13th, 1973. First flight on January 20th, 1974 which is the very first flight of an F-16. It had been moved in a C-5 galaxy 12 days prior on January 8th, 1974 and assembled for first flight. The first flight wasn't supposed to happen, but during high speed taxi trials the aircraft lifted off with the only option for the pilot was to proceed and fly. In the first stages the right-hand stab hit the runway a couple of times creating some damage to it.

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