Egyptian Air Force F-16s

  • aaa.jpg
    Formation of the first two Peace Vector I F-16A Block 15's (#9301 and #9302) over the Gisa pyramids [LMTAS photo]
  • aab.gif
    Egyptian F-16C Block 40 aircraft (#9969), painted with bright day-glo orange patches on tails and wings to distinguish them from F-16s from neighbouring countries. [Egypt AF photo]
  • aac.jpg
    A five-ship formation of Egyptian AF F-16C block 40s (#9981, #9969, #9984, #9976, #9973) over the pyramids. These aircraft were delivered from 1994 to 1995 under the Peace Vector IV program. The day-glo panels help distinguish them from F-16s from neighbouring countries. [Egyptian AF photo]
  • aad.jpg
    EAF F-16C block 40 #9951 and #9969 in clean configuration over the Egyptian coastline [EAF photo]
  • aae.jpg
    Egypt AF #9501 [LMTAS photo]
  • aaf.jpg
    Egypt AF #9951 & #9952 [LMTAS photo]
  • aag.jpg
    Egypt AF #9502 [LMTAS photo]
  • aah.jpg
    Egypt AF #0086, reserialled as #9711 [LMTAS photo]
  • aai.jpg
    Egypt AF #1333, reserialled as #9502 [EAF photo]
  • aaj.jpg
    Egyptian 5-ship, including #9901, banking [LMTAS photo]
  • aak.jpg
    The 4000th F-16 delivered by Lockheed was F-16C #0103 for the Egyptian Air Force. This was only a pre-delivery serial based on the FY allocation (96-0103). It was reserialled 9728. [Lockheed Martin photo]
  • aal.jpg
    Egyptian AF F-16C #93-0525 landing at NAS JRB Fort Worth on June 3rd, 2005. This F-16 crashed on June 12th, 1999 and was sent back to the US for repairs. It was air worthy again by February of 2005. [Photo by Keith Robinson]
  • aam.jpg
    EAF F-16C block 40 #9956 flies over Egypt with a USN F/A-18 and a USAF F-15 on September 28th, 2005. The aircraft were participating in Bright Star 2005/2006. [USAF photo by Cpl. Andy Hurt]
  • 9854.jpg
    EAF F-16D block 40 #9854 from the 272th TFB is parked in a hangar with a sparkling white floor. [ photo]
  • Egypt.jpg
    An Egyptian F-16B is positioned for in-flight refueling from a KC-10 Extender on September 10th, 1983 during the joint exercise Bright Star '83. [USAF photo by the JSAT]