Israeli Defense Force F-16s

IDF/AF F-16A tail number #267 of the 253 sqn [Photo by Idan Raz]


  • Anonymous on 2004-Jun-07 12:02:33 Anonymous said


  • Anonymous on 2004-Jul-13 21:44:46 Anonymous said


    It looks like the only thing between this engine test and a disaster is a cable attached to the arrestor hook and chocks on the main wheels. Must be the Israeli interpretation of safety in the workplace. "In one cable we trust."
  • Anonymous on 2004-Jul-13 22:00:33 Anonymous said


    I've got it. This is clearly a test to determine if the arrestor hook can withstand an arrested landing on a jet with its afterburner stuck. The technician on the left will use hand signals to warn the pilot if the hook fails, giving the pilot ample time to react to abort the test. In the interest of safety, the ejection seat has not been deactivated.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Sep-30 22:48:38 Anonymous said

    regulus, Sliver, then this must be the American/USAF interpretation of safety in the workplace:,,SA_HangarCrash_072004,00.html
  • Anonymous on 2005-Feb-14 01:34:16 Anonymous said


    No way they can do that to a Viper.
  • Anonymous on 2005-May-16 17:30:53 Anonymous said


    this is cheaking for the engin
  • Jon on 2009-Jul-26 17:39:16 Jon said


    this is just a burner run to check the engine it is super common. the wall isn't a big deal ever heard of a hush house when we run jets with a door closed about 20 feet in front of you. If you were going to ops check the tail hook you would use the barrier on the runway which we do once a year.

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