F-16 Technical Details

  • adn.jpg
    Parachute moulding detail [Photo by Roger Whitcomb]
  • adp.jpg
    B61 (Mk-61) intermediate yield strategic and tactical thermonuclear bomb within its W3 vault in a HAS. [USAF photo]
  • adu.jpg
    Detail of the aerial refueling light on the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer of a 157th FS "Swamp Foxes" F-16. This light is often mistaken for an air data probe [Photo by Greg Fieser]
  • adw.jpg
    Middle part of body on Fokker assembly line in Papendrecht, Netherlands. [Fokker photo]
  • adx
    First European F-16 assembly line in SABCA factory, Gosselies, Belgium [SABCA photo]
  • ady.jpg
    Undercarriage detail of RSAF F-16, photographed at the RSAF Open House 2003 [Photo by Steve]
  • aea.jpg
    Chin detail with the complete LANTIRN system on RSAF F-16D block 52,#695, photographed at RSAF Open House 2003. Notice the "143 SQN" on the intake cover pouch. [Photo by Steve]
  • aeb.jpg
    Westinghouse APG-66 radar detail [Photo by Steve]
  • aec.jpg
    FWIT 2003, Norway [RNOAF photo]
  • aed.jpg
    LMTAS worker applying the 'Rescue' coat on this Israeli viper [LMTAS photo]
  • aeg.jpg
    VISTA F-16D detail: Starboard, intake lip. [Photo by Daniel PerezVertti]
  • aeh.jpg
    NASA NF-16D detail: Spine aerial. [Photo by Daniel PerezVertti]
  • aei.jpg
    NASA NF-16D detail: Straight on intake shot. [Photo by Daniel PerezVertti]
  • aej.jpg
    NASA NF-16D detail: Canopy lifting fitting. Note only the front canopy has the anti-reflection coating. [Photo by Daniel PerezVertti]
  • aek.jpg
    NASA NF-16D detail: Starboard rear quarter and spin chute fitting. [Photo by Daniel PerezVertti]