F-16 Technical Details

F-16C detail: Air intake under port wingroot. [Photo by Thorsten Wahl]


  • Anonymous on 2003-Dec-02 20:15:29 Anonymous said


    This air intake is not used on USAF aircraft. The ASPJ system was never installed.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Jan-02 06:32:36 Anonymous said


    it is however a useful place for the stems of the hucks holding the strake skin to fall through and onto the ground so you can spend hours looking for them if you don't mask that area off. *cusses*
  • Anonymous on 2005-Mar-30 04:22:15 Anonymous said


    BK, this scoop has absolutly NOTTA to do with ASPJ bro, ASPJ was supposed to be located at the V-stab leading edge root, this scoop is just aft of door 2101, right under the gun barrel area.
  • Anonymous on 2006-Apr-09 04:11:11 Anonymous said


    Happy is right, ALL US F-16's have those, its right infront of the door that you can get access to open the canopy and hook up air from a C-10 or -60

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