Misc: Pictures/Zaps/Logo's

  • MITCHbadgeVERSIE3b.jpg
    F-16 Solo Display Team
  • Sticker1.jpg
    Belgian Air Component F-16 Solo Display
  • BAFSoloDisp1.jpg
    BAF F-16 Solo Display Team
    F-16 maintenance
  • RNLAF30yrdemozap.jpg
    RNLAF F-16 Demo Team 30 Years zap [Asif Shamim collection]
  • 721Patch.jpg
    721st Pence Training Virtual Squadron
  • F-16EdM.jpg
    Escuadrilla de Mantenimiento F-16 V Brig.
  • Esc_ AVT-B.JPG
    Avionica F-16 Grupo Mantenimiento V Brig.
  • PAF-HM10.jpg
    PAF High Mark 2010 [paffalcons.com]
  • 100406-F-0000X-001.jpg
    Known as the "Red Tail Angels" by bomber crews of the 15th AF, who they flew in support of over the skies of Europe, the famed 301st FS will relocate from Luke AFB. to Holloman where its reserve members will form a classic association with active duty military members from the 49th FW. [Photo courtesy of Smithsonian Institution]
  • AFG-060810-001.jpg
    510th FS Squadron logo [USAF photos]
  • 14 FS patch
    14FS Misawa AB Japan
  • fighting penguin (2)
    Avionics Fighting Penquin from Antofagasta, Chile
  • RNLAF313-88.jpg
    RNLAF 313 Sqn goes F-16 1988 zap [Asif Shamim collection]
  • PAF Falcons Patch-large
    PAF Falcons Patch [www.paffalcons.com]