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  • Identified Patches

    Identified Patches

  • aaa.jpg
  • aac.jpg
    F-16 Fighting Falcon (Chris Jensen collection) WHAT UNIT IS IT FROM?
  • aad.jpg
    F-16 - Unknown (Annelin Hoff collection)
  • aah.jpg
    USAF Weapons School - Viper - Aircraft Maintenance Unit (unknown collection)
  • aaj.jpg
    69th TFS - 50 missions (is this 69th TFS?)(Jon Somerville Collection)
  • aal.jpg
    Best test in the West (Paul C. Boliou collection)
  • aap.jpg
    Israeli F-16 maintenance unit, 1 Wing(Chris Jensen Collection)
  • aat.jpg
    The 333th VFS "Grim Reaper"
  • aay.jpg
    Belgium Air Force 31 SQN Tigers (thejemghost's collection)
  • aba.jpg
    RoCAF patch (Annelin Hoff Collection)
  • abe.jpg
    18th FS, 100+ mission above the Polar circle (Annelin Hoff Collection)