Assorted patches

  • 525_kadena
    525th Fighter Squadron Kadena Deployment,
  • usa192fw
    192nd Fighter Squadron the star is placed correcetly over Langley.
  • 90th_fs
    90th Fighter Squadron F-22 Raptor.
  • Cruzex  V
    Cruzex V - 2010
  • BF-2 FF
    BF-2 Stovl First Flight
  • CF-1 FF
    CF-01 Carrier Variant First Flight
  • Development
    F-35 Development -- Detect and Protect
  • F-35 Flag
    F-35 American Flag Patch
  • MB US 16
    Martin Baker US 16 Generation Ejection Seat Dave Wood Collection
  • MB US 16E
    Martin Baker US 16 E Ejection Seat Dave Wood Collection
  • F-35 Flags
    F-35 Country Flags Patch Dave Wood Collection
  • Final Assembly
    F-35 Final Assembly Dept. 120 T
  • Program Office Purple
    F-35 Program Office Variant Light Purple Dave Wood Collection
  • STOVL Tail
    F-35 STOVL Fin Flash Patch Dave Wood Collection
  • Cruzex V.jpg
    Cruzex V - Natal AFB [Agnaldo Silva Collection]