Japanese F-2

  • aaf.jpg
    JASDF F-2 Viper (F-16 Fighting Falcon) Swirl (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • aab.jpg
    JASDF FS-X Program, before it was known as the F-2
  • aae.jpg
    Lockheed Martin F2 Japan First Delivery Wing (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • aag.jpg
    JASDF XF-2 Project Team TRDI & ADTW (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • aaj.jpg
    JASDF XF-2A Air Development & Test Wing (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • aaa.jpg
    JASDF F-2A - Support Fighter (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • aad.jpg
    JASDF F-2B Fighter Training Squadron 'Apollo' (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • aac.jpg
    Japan Force F-2B, 4th Wing 'Apollo' (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • aah.jpg
    Japan Force F-2B, 4th Wing 'Apollo' [Subdued Green background] - Asif Shamim Collection
  • aai.jpg
    JASDF 21 Hikotai - The F-2 Fighter Training Sqn, Matsushima Air Base (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • F2.JPG
    JASDF F-2 patch [Michael Weinberger Collection]
  • JASDF2.jpg
    JASDF 4 Wing Provisional F-2 Fighter Training Squadron patch [Michael Weinberger Collection]