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Greek Air Force issue F-16 1000 Flight Hours patch (Asif Shamim Collection)


  • Anonymous on 2005-Jan-07 10:53:12 Anonymous said

    Asif Shamim (Asif)

    I need to verify if this is truely a 'official' Greek issued patch or just another variant/repro. I have never seen a distinct coloured version done using the countries colours, but this could be the first. If anyone knows more, then please post a message here!
  • Anonymous on 2007-Feb-12 21:25:09 Anonymous said

    comments on a H.A.F. F-16 1000 hours patch

    Dear friend i am sorry to dissapoint you but the patch in question is a repro of the patch used by H.A.F.
  • Anonymous on 2007-Mar-09 11:55:35 Anonymous said

    fake patch

    Dear friend,unfortunately this patch is a repro.The quality of the patch and the embroidery is like the fingerprint of the manufacturer.One of the last versions of the patch was made by KENTORAMA from Crete(Hania) for the local based sqns(340 M and 343 M).A NOT ENOUGH version was also made for pilots who have ammassed less hours,some technicians who had 1hour+ are unofficialy entitled to bear them!The first hour patches were made by SPORTLINE.This manufacturer has produced a variant of the patch with 200h,500h,1000h,2000h,3000h and 4000h with the Greek flag.The 200h and 500h were made in mid 90's and were not widely used.Examples of these patches i have recently uploaded to this site(check latest images).The latest version comes from Highlander.The quality is the best among all the above mentioned patches.Of course some pilots have the U.S. made patches.As you see there are several official sources,and the patch in question comes from none of them!For any questions i am registered as patchman,i will be happy to help.

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