340 MIRA

  • aan.jpg
    Greek Air Force 340 Sqn Blk 52+ patch (Annelin Hoff Collection)
  • aao.jpg
    Hellenic F-16 340M 1000 Flight Hours (Aset Anton Collection)
  • aaa.jpg
    HAF 340 Moipa (Courtesy of Code One Magazine) Patch manufactured by [Highlander]
  • 340SQ
    HAF 340 SQ Foxy Ammo HAF 340 Sqn Foxy Ammo [Michael Weinberger Collection]
  • F-16 _118_.jpg
    HAF 340M F-16 1000 Flight Hours patch [patchman collection]
  • F-16 (112)
    H.A.F. Second version of 340 M sqn patch,local made HAF 340M patch, 2nd version locally made [patchman collection]
  • F-16 (113)
    HAF 340M subdued variant [patchman collection]
  • HAF340M_2.jpg
    HAF 340M second subdued version patch [patchman collection]
  • HAF340M_LSS.jpg
    HAF 340M Life Support Shop patch [patchman collection]
  • HAF340MBrf.jpg
    HAF 340M 1000hr F-16 briefings patch [patchman collection]
  • HAF340M-AP.jpg
    HAF 340M Aegean Pirate patch [patchman collection]
  • HAF340M-nig.jpg
    HAF 340M We own the night patch [patchman collection]