Portuguese Air Force F-16 Patches

  • Esquadron 201

    Esquadron 201

  • Esquadron 301

    Esquadron 301

  • BA5 Monte Real

    BA5 Monte Real

  • aaa.jpg
    F-16 Fighting Falcon (Ludo De Beuckeleer Collection)
  • aac.jpg
    Portuguese Patch used by the Portuguese stationed at Aviano AFB during operation 'Allied Force' (Luís Laranjeira collection - via Ricardo Nunes)
  • aae.jpg
    Peace Atlantis - F-16 delivery flights to Portugal, 1994 (Luis Proença collection)
  • PoAFswirl.jpg
    Portuguese Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon Swirl [Asif Shamim collection]
  • F-16mid.jpg
    M6.1 MLU EOA Team [Willem Schouten collection]