Illustrations by Ronald Wong

  • Sabres.jpg
    'Sabres over The Mosel' shows F-16CJs joining the 52nd FW at Spangdahlem. [Illustration by Ronald Wong]
  • Agressors.jpg
    'Aggressors of the Ages' shows the F-16Cs as part of the Aggressors at Nellis AFB. [Illustration by Ronald Wong]
  • Mission.jpg
    'Mission Accomplished' shows the completion of the MLU program for the Royal Norwegian AF. [Illustration by Ronald Wong]
  • Nemo.jpg
    'Nemo Me Impune Lacessit' shows Belgian AF F-16As over a wintery Florennes AB. [Illustration by Ronald Wong]
  • Laser.jpg
    'Laser Strike at Pale' illustration shows an F-16C of the 31st FW laser-bombing a Serb armament depot during Operation Allied Force. [Illustration by Ronald Wong]