Illustrations by Humza Tariq

  • f-16 block 52.jpg
    An enhanced version of the f-16 which has an efficent radar system than its predecessors and a more advanced avionics. An improved engine from pratt-whitney has been installed to boost up the overall performance of this aircraft. [Illustration by Humza Tariq]
  • f-16 destroys another intruder.jpg
    During the Afghan war (1979-88) the PAF was on a high alert. The fleet was warned of intruders into Pakistan and they quickly took action. While flying over Parachinar, the pilot spotted a Russian aircraft and fires a sidewinder towards the intruder. The aircraft explodes into a ball of fire. The background shows another F-16 chasing another intruder. [Illustration by Humza Tariq]
  • f-16 elevating.jpg
    The illustration displays an F-16 on a climb to 55,000 ft. [Illustration by Humza Tariq]
  • f-16 over siachen.jpg
    A falcon from the no. 11 arrows squadron on a mission over the siachen glacier during operation sentinel in 2002. It is at a height of 30,000 ft. [Illustration by Humza Tariq]
  • f-16 ready to take off.jpg
    An F-16 from the arrows squadron is about to take off. [Illustration by Humza Tariq]
  • f-16.jpg
    The falcon from 312 squadron on a routine mission. [Illustration by Humza Tariq]
  • falcon downs an intruder.jpg
    An intruder into Pakistan airspace was spotted by a PAF pilot and he takes no time to bring it ground. [Illustration by Humza Tariq]
  • falcon in clouds.jpg
    This sketch shows an F-16 blasting through the cloudy skies of Sargodha. It belongs to the no. 11 (arrows) squadron. [Illustration by Humza Tariq]
  • mission complete.jpg
    An F-16 from the no. 11 arrows squadron about to land after a training mission. [Illustration by Humza Tariq]
  • the dream team.jpg
    The sketch shows an F-16 with its new partner, the FC-1 / JF-17 thunder on a joint mission. [Illustration by Humza Tariq]