Illustrations by Sqn Ldr Adnan Siraj

  • Anotherone-for-the-Tailchoppers.jpg
    Painting titled 'Another one for the Tailchoppers'. During the last stages of the Afghan War, Flight Lieutenant Khalid Mahmood of No.14 Squadron destroys an SU-22 over Thal area near the border. The pilot of the SU-22 ejected and was taken prisoner. [Illustration by Sqn Ldr. Adnan Siraj]
  • Goinginhot.jpg
    Painting titled 'Going in hot' showing a pair of F-16s reacting instantly after being committed by the Air Defence Controller. [Illustration by Sqn Ldr. Adnan Siraj]
  • TheFightingFalcon.jpg
    Drawing titled 'The Fighting Falcon' showing an F-16 in Air Defence Alert configuration taking off for an interception mission. [Illustration by Sqn Ldr. Adnan Siraj]
  • Fifty_years_of_11_Sqn.jpg
    No.11 MR Sqn is an elite Squadron of the Pakistan Air Force and has a rich legacy of excellence. It has the distinction of being the first fighter jet squadron of the PAF. Over the years, the equipment underwent from Supermarine Attackers through F-86, F-6 and F-16s. [Illustration by Sqn Ldr. Adnan Siraj]
  • Griffin.jpg
    No. 9 Squadron is the oldest and the most eminent Squadron of the Pakistan Air Force. Its history is a legacy of excellence and is replete with the deeds of professionalism, honour and duty. The squadron has the singular distinction of having seven of its Squadron Commanders risen to command the Pakistan Air Force. The painting depicts an F-16 of No.9 squadron ready to pounce on its enemy with the 'GRIFFIN' in the background. [Illustration by Sqn Ldr. Adnan Siraj]
  • Glory_of_flight.jpg
    A pilot breaks the serenity and calmness of the sky at dawn as he swoops his F-16 through the clouds. [Illustration by Sqn Ldr. Adnan Siraj]
  • FirstandtheFurious.jpg
    An F-16 of No. 9 MR Sqn destroys an intruding UAV (Searcher-II) of IAF on the night of June 7th, 2002. This was the first kill of a UAV by any fighter aircraft in the world. [Illustration by Sqn Ldr. Adnan Siraj]
  • Mission_completed.jpg
    Painting titled 'Mission Completed'. The painting depicts a formation of F-16s landing at their home base after a routine sortie. [Illustration by Sqn Ldr. Adnan Siraj]