Personal pictures

  • aaa.jpg
    Lieutenant-Colonel Ronny Vaerten, BAF, killed in a mid-air collision between two F-16s on December 9th 2003.
  • aab.jpg
    Major Jim Henderson
  • aac.jpg
    Cdt Jan Lemmens
  • aad.jpg
    Major Mark Miller
  • aae.jpg
    Major Russel Prechtl
  • aao.jpg
    Tom Wharton with President Reagan
  • aap.jpg
    Sgt. Tom Wharton - 523rd FS - Danang AB, Vietnam
  • aaq.jpg
    Thunderbird Tom Wharton
  • aar.jpg
    Thomas Wharton in the back seat of this Blue Angels F-18. Tom was on an exchange program and this was his last flight during the exchange.
  • aas.jpg
    Oldest Daughter carries on Family tradition [Thomas Wharton and daughter]
  • aav.jpg
    Tom after first solo in his Cessna 172.
  • aau.jpg
    OvalOffice87, Thomas Wharton far right.
  • aaw.jpg
  • aax.jpg
    Luke AFB 1986 Maintanence Banquet with Chuck Yeager.
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