• aaa.png
    Letter from the Dept. of the Air Force notifying Joseph Kurdell that he won the Name-that-plane contest for the F-16 with his suggestion F-16 Fighting Falcon.
  • Hahn.jpg
    Historical press cutting from Hahn AB, Germany, reporting on the release of prisoner of war Capt. William Andrews. Capt. Andrews was captured after being shot down on February 27th, 1991. He was a POW for one week before being released to the International Red Cross in Baghdad on March 5th. He received the Air Force Cross for heroism. [USAF photo]
  • 9Gpin
    A '9g pin' given for flying to the 9g limit in an F-16. Given by the program office office of General Dynamics in 1986. [Photo by Stargazer]
  • Certificate
    Certificate given by General Dynamics to F-16 incentive flyers in 1986. [Photo by Stargazer]
  • Flight Certificate
    Squadron flight certificate given to incentive flights at Hahn AB Germany in 1986. [Photo by Stargazer]
  • 363 TFW The Victory Party, The Mother of All Parties, Party Poster, March 2, 1991 630 PM at the Viper Pit, original signatures incl LtGen Chuck Horner
    363 TFW Victory Party Poster with approximately 50 signatures including LtGen Chuck Horner