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The graph shows the F-16 inventory for each air force operating the Fighting Falcon. It includes both aircraft that have been delivered already, as well as aircraft that are currently on order. It includes new aircraft, and second-hand aircraft (note: aircraft that have been transfered from one air force to another are counted twice!). It does not included canceled orders, nor embargoed aircraft (this can be found on the net page). Delivered aircraft include active and inactive airframes (e.g., stored, scrapped, preserved, instructional airframes). The air forces are sorted by number of aircraft in the inventory, in descending order.

Disclaimer: This report is generated in real-time from our F-16 Aircraft Database. We strive to keep our database up-to-date and complete, nevertheless for some countries data is hard to verify (e.g. accuracy for the Middle East is only 90%). Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

  • Horizontal Axis: Air forces operating the F-16
  • Vertical Axis: Number of F-16 aircraft
  • Series: One series shows the number of aircraft that have been delivered; the second series shows the number of aircraft currently on order

Click on the color labels to disable/enable series; click on the zoom icons to zoom in (+) or out (-). Click on the full screen icon to display the graph full screen.


This impressive flightline at Konya AB during exercise Anatolian Eagle in June of 2006 shows aircraft from two of the largest fleets - the US and Turkish airforces.
A total of 25 nations are operating the F-16 at the tme of writing. Of these, the United States is the only nation where more than one service operates the F-16: USAF, US Navy, and NASA (the latter is of course not a military service but a government agency). The 25th and latest nation to join the F-16 community was Morocco.

The United States Air Force is obviously by far the biggest F-16 customer. A total of 2,256 F-16 airframes have been delivered - more than 50% of the total F-16 production. On top of that the US Navy and NASA operate an addition 40 and 6 aircraft respectively. Completing the top five of largest F-16 Fighting Falcon fleets are Israel (361 aircraft), Turkey (240 aircraft, with an additional 30 F-16s on order), Egypt (220), and the Netherlands (213).

At the lower end there are a number of smaller operators, with typically less than 40 aircraft. Many of these smaller operators bought new aircraft, like Venezuala and Indonesia. However, a number of these countries have also purchased at least part of their fleet from other air forces' excess inventory. For example, the Royal Jordanian Air Force is flying a number of former Belgian F-16 aircraft, while the Aeronautica Militare Italiana is leasing retired F-16A/B ADF aircraft from the US Air Force.

Even though most of the inventory has been delivered, four air forces still have aircraft on order. These include the Turkish Air Force (30), the Pakistan Air Force (18), the Royal Moroccon Air Force (24) and the Egyptian Air Force (20).
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