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412th AMXS prepares for F-35 mid-May arrival

April 22, 2008 (by SrA Julius Delos Reyes) - The 412th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron performed aircraft power and cooling air system training in hangar 1820 at Edwards AFB on April 15 in preparation for the F-35 Lightning II's tentative arrival in mid-May.
The prototype Lightning II AA-1 is scheduled to come to Edwards for about 30 days to conduct engine air start test sorties. Currently, the aircraft is at the Lockheed Martin Air Force Plant No.4 in Fort Worth, Texas.

"The goal of this training was to familiarize everybody with the F-35 aircraft power systems' technology," said Staff Sgt. Scott Foster, 412th AMXS F-35 dedicated crew chief.

Fifteen military and civilian personnel received hands-on training for the F-35 aircraft power and cooling air operations, including start-up and shut-down procedures, capabilities and default systems, said Steve Bridgers, lead facility engineer.

"Because the F-35 is a new aircraft, a lot of these folks are not familiar with the new generation external power and cooling systems," Mr. Bridgers said. "We want them to have a good feel when operating the power and cooling systems for the F-35."

Prior to this training, Airmen with the 412th AMXS were sent to Fort Worth for a 45-day cadre training course.

"They taught us about the F-35 aircraft systems and operations," Sergeant Foster said. "It familiarized us with the aircraft and certified us on all the tasks that we need to perform when the aircraft arrives here."

The Airmen also received training on towing, aircraft servicing, and launch and recovery procedures, he said.

"The important factor is that we are training ahead of time so that when the aircraft lands here, it will be flying sorties within a couple of days," said Mary Parker, 412th AMXS F-35 Integrated Test Force deputy for logistics. "We don't want to have to take time to train our folks when the aircraft arrives. We want the capability to fly the test sorties right away."

Courtesy of 95th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

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