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A total of 17 airframes (14 A-models and 3 B-models) were acquired second-hand from Portugal in 2016 and 2020.


Peace Carpathian I

At the end of 2005 rumors were spread out that Romania was in negotiations with Israel to acquire a batch of second-hand F-16A/B's. With the introduction of the F-16I in the IDFAF these aircraft are coming available on the market. The aircraft would receive an extensive upgrade (even including the so-called ACE upgrade) and overhaul in Israel with cooperation of a Romanian aircraft factory. In 2006 it was also reported that Romania has asked for the possibility of acquiring a batch of second-hand Belgian F-16s. In May of 2008 the Pentagon notified Congress of the possible sale of 48 F-16s as part of a deal valued at 4.5 billion dollars. Two dozen F-16s would be new F-16C/D block 50/52 aircraft and the other two dozen would be refurbished surplus USAF F-16C/D block 25 aircraft. In March of 2010 the Romanian government decided only to opt for the second part of this deal, being the purchase of 24 second-hand USAF airframes. This decision was instigated by the difficult financial situation of Romania and the fact that a decision on the replacement of the aging Mig-21's has to be taken. And yet again this was postponed due to severe financial difficulties with none of the previous deals coming ti fruition.

Romania was looking for a replacement of their venerable Mig-21 Lancers for years. Financial difficulties always prevented this from happening. In 2015 the first contacts were laid between Portugal and Romania to acquire a batch of F-16s for the latter. Portugal was selling a number of their 45-airframe string fleet and a deal was signed in 2016 for a batch of 9 A-models and 3 B-models, all updated to the latest MLU standards. This batch first originated from the Peace Atlantis II order that Portugal itself placed with the United States in the 1990's. So this marks the first time F-16s are sold for a second time to fly for a third country in their careers.

FAR F-16AM #1606 is coming in for landing at Aviano AB on December 15th, 2016 en route for delivery to Romania. [Photo by Daniele Faccioli]

Peace Carpathian II

In 2019 a rumor came through that Romania was to acquire another batch of second-hand F-16's from Portugal. At first 4 A-models and 1 B-model was reported. Both governments negotiated the deal and in January of 2020 a deal was signed for a total of 5 airframes, albeit all of them being A-models to complement the existing fleet to a total of 17 airframes. Deliveries of these airframes started in August of 2020 with the last foreseen in early 2021.

FAR F-16AM #1616 destined for Esc. 53 is touching down on the runway at Feteşti AB right after delivery on August 14th, 2020. [Photo by Adrian Sultănoiu]
FAR Inventory
Program Model Block Qty. Serials Delivered
Peace Carpathian I F-16A Block 20MLU 9 1601/1609 2016-2017
F-16B Block 20MLU 3 1610/1612 2016-2017
Peace Carpathian II F-16A Block 20MLU 5 1613/1617 2020-2021

Operational Service


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