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Contract for "Falcon STAR" F-16 upgrade program awarded to Progressive

October 30, 2003 (by Stefaan Vanhastel) - Progressive, a Texas-based company, is being awarded a $5,7 million contract to provide High Priority Modification Kits in support of the Falcon STAR program for European Participating Air Forces (EPAF) F-16 Fighting Falcons.
The Falcon STructural Augmentation Roadmap (Falcon STAR) is a structural modification for achieving an 8000-hour component service life for European F-16 MLU aircraft. The project is scheduled to be completed by September 2008.

This contract is for the procurement of three types of F-16 modification kits in support of the program. In total, 665 kits will be procured under the basic contract. This effort supports foreign military sales to Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, and Norway.

There is no engine work involved in the program, since Falcon STAR is a structural modification only.

Note: In the Royal Netherlands Air Force, the Falcon STAR program has been dubbed the Pacer AMSTEL-program ("After MLU Structural Enhancement of Lifetime").