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Israeli F-16s buzz Syrian president's palace as warning to Syria

August 18, 2003 (by Stefaan Vanhastel) - Israeli F-16s buzzed the summer residence of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad early on Aug. 11th, as a warning that Israel holds Damascus responsible for the recent flare-up on its northern border.
Israel sent F-16s over different parts of Syria and Lebanon as a warning sign to Syria. The F-16 planes flew at a low altitude, evading Syrian air defence systems, and arrived back at base without incident.

According to the Israeli Air Force, F-16s flew low for several minutes over Assad's summer residence in Latakia in northern Syria, after easily getting through the country's radar defenses. The F-16s broke the sound barrier over Latakia as well as over Beirut in Lebanon.
Israel has attacked Syrian radar stations in Lebanon once since the IDF's withdrawal from the country three years ago.

According to Syria, no evidence has emerged to support the Israeli claim that fighter jets flew a low-level supersonic run over the residence of Syrian President Bashar Assad in Latakia.

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