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RNoAF losses of F-16 from 1981 till 2003

August 5, 2003 (by Annelin Hoff) - Since the Norwegian Air Force got the F-16 in 1980, it has lost/damaged 19 F-16s and six aircrews. Below is a little about the various crashes and accidents and serials. The latest crash was on June 4th 2003.
04 June 2003:
An F-16AM probably from 338 sq had one of its main wheels collapsed accidentally in a hangar at �rland Airbase, due to human error during maintenance of the "over-center lock". No injuries, aircraft was returned to airworthy state.
Serial: 688 | possibly 338 squadron | CN 6K-60

17 December 2002:
A F-16AM from 331 Sq precipitating as a member of the EPAF in the Afghani campaign collapsed its main landing gear when landing at Manas Airbase in Kyrgiztan.
Serial: 686 | 331 Squadron | CN 6K-58

17 March 2001:
F-16B from Bod� had a bird strike, crew ejected safely
Serial: 712 | 331 Squadron | CN: 6L-14

24 April 1997:
A F-16A from �rlandet Airbase hit a High voltage wire during low flying. Pilot ejects successfully.
Serial:274 | 332 Squadron | CN 6K-3

4 May 1995:
A F-16B from Rygge Airbase had a bird strike, crew ejected successfully.
Serial: 307 | Squadron 332| CN: 6L-7

23 March 1992:
A F-16A departing Banak Airbase lost its lost its engine in flight due to a turbine failure. Pilot Ejected safely.
Serial: 278 | 332 squadron | CN 6K-7

22 May 1990:
A Norwegian F-16A lost control during a training dogfight in Belgium, the pilot ejected safely.
Serial: 296 | squadron 338 | CN 6K-25

6 June 1989:
A F-16 caught fire in a hangar and where wrecked beyond repair in the fire, no injuries.
Serial: 685 | squadron 331 | CN 6K-57

5 April 1989:
Two F-16As crashed midair over �rlandet. Only one pilot managed to eject, the other did not survive the crash.
Aircraft 1: | serial: 287 | squadron 338| CN 6K-16
Aircraft 2: | serial 294 | squadron 338| CN 6K-23

10 January 1989:
A F-16A crashed in the sea close to And�ya. Pilot died.
Serial:676 | Squadron: 331 | CN 6K-48

5 July 1988:
A F-16A crashed at M�rsvik fjorden, possible bird strike. Pilot died.
Serial: 300 | Squadron: 334 | CN 6K-29

14 March 1988:
A F-16A from Bod� Airbase crashed at "Hind�ya" island. The crash where thought to be caused by a pilot error. Pilot died in crash.
Serial: 679 | Squadron; 331 | CN 6K-51

15 September 1987:
A F-16A from �rland Airbase lost its engine during flight, pilot ejected successfully.
Serial: 290 | 338 Squadron | CN 6k-19

10 July 1986:
During an exercise at Nellis AFB in Nevada USA, two F-16s had a midair accident one of which was an RNoAF F-16A. The Norwegian F-16A crashed with the pilot ejecting safely, the other F-16 landed at Nellis AFB.
Serial: 684 | Squadron 331 | CN 6K-56

12 June 1985:
F-16B departing Banak Airbase had technical problems in the control system right after takeoff, crew ejected at low altitude, only one survivor.
Serial 303 | Squadron: 332 | CN 6L-3

13 November 1984:
A F-16B from Rygge Airbase had an engine failure before takeoff, pilot and "passenger" ran away with no injuries.
Serial: 301 | Squadron: 332 | CN 6L-1

31 January 1983:
An F-16A from Bod� Airbase flew in a High voltage wirer in Tysfjord, The pilot died in the crash.
Serial 283 | Squadron: 331 | CN 6K-12

2 June 1981:
The first F-16 registered to RNoAF crashes, it got a bird got trough cockpit glass.
The aircraft flew out from Rygge air base.
Serial:280 | 332 Squadron | CN 6K-9