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European F-16s log 10,000th hour over Afganistan

July 17, 2003 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Yesterday, on July 16th, the European Participating Air Forces (EPAF), stationed at Ganci Airbase in Manas, logged its 10,000th flight hour. That was set by an F-16 of the Danish air force.
A detachement with four F-16s from Twenthe Air Base (The Netherlands) forms together with the Danish air force the EPAF detachement in Manas as part of Operation 'Enduring Freedom'.

Because of financial constraints, the Dutch participation in operation Enduring Freedom will not be prolonged after October 1st.

Since July 1st the Netherlands had already reduced the number of F-16's it was contributing to the European Participating Air Forces (EPAF) from six to four.