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Hill F-16 accident report on Oct 17th crash released

February 14, 2002 (by Lieven Dewitte) - A blown nose-gear tire caused the Oct. 17 crash of an F-16 fighter during takeoff roll at Hill AFB, Utah, according to Air Force officials investigating the incident.
The pilot, Capt. Casey J. Tidgewell, sustained minor injuries after ejecting from the aircraft. Tidgewell was assigned to the 4th Fighter Squadron at Hill. The aircraft left the runway and suffered heavy damage when its right wingtip hit the ground.

According to the Accident Investigation Board report released today by Air Combat Command, the aircraft?s front tire failed during takeoff, spraying debris that severed critical steering-system wires. The result was a loss of steering control.

After several failed attempts to regain control of the aircraft, Tidgewell ejected.