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PAF chief arrives in Washington, talks on the purchase of F-16s

May 12, 2002 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir, arrived in Washington on Saturday for an official visit at the invitation of his US counterpart, General John Jumper. Air Marshal Mir's visit should be seen in the context of the recently re-established military-to-military contacts between Pakistan and the US. Gen Jumper had visited Pakistan recently.
The Pakistani air chief will call on the Secretary for the Air Force, Dr James Roche, at the Pentagon on Monday, and on Tuesday will meet Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen Richard Myers before visiting some US Air Force bases.

Pakistan's wish to buy some F-16s has not met with a favourable response from the Bush administration, but delivery of spare-parts for the PAF's existing aircraft, held up because of sanctions, is believed to be proceeding.

Air Marshal Mir will be in the United States for about a week.