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Top Aces Announces Military Flight Release for F-16 Advanced Aggressor Fighter

August 16, 2022 (by Erin Black) - Top Aces Corp., the only company in the world to own and operate the F-16 commercially, today announced receipt of Military Flight Release (MFR) from the United States Air Force for its F-16 Advanced Aggressor Fighter (AAF) aircraft.

Top Aces' F-16 AAF is fielding sensors and functions that match evolving adversary threats, such as the Scorpion Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (HMCS) as shown here. [Photo by James DeBoer]

MFR allows Top Aces’ F-16 AAFs, the most sophisticated adversary air platform on the market today, to immediately begin supporting USAF flight training programs
Equipped with Top Aces’ proprietary Advanced Aggressor Mission System (AAMS), the F-16 AAF replicates near-peer adversary fighter aircraft. Since AAMS is founded on open system architecture, it facilitates the rapid integration of sensors and functions to match evolving adversary threats.

Today, the F-16 AAF is fielded with:

  • • Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) air-to-air radar
  • • Scorpion Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (HMCS)
  • • Tactical datalink communications
  • • Infrared search and track (IRST) systems
  • • Advanced electronic attack pod employment
  • • Passive radio frequency (RF) detection capabilities
  • • High fidelity weapon simulation – accurately replicates adversary weapons and tactics
  • • An array of tactical functions coordinating the above systems which offer a wide spectrum of realistic adversary effects.

    “To provide effective training to pilots flying fifth-generation fighters – such as the F-22 or F-35 – we must match the capabilities of near-peer adversary fighter aircraft,” says Russ Quinn, President, Top Aces Corp., a 26-year USAF veteran, and former aggressor pilot. “By combining the power and avionics of the F-16 with AAMS, we can replicate contemporary adversary threats with accuracy and cost-efficiency. And now with MFR, Top Aces is cleared to deliver the most advanced training solution available to the USAF.”

Courtesy of Top Aces Inc.

Additional images:

Top Aces F-16A block 5 (original) is flying over some Arizona terrain as an Advanced Aggressor Fighter. [Photo by James DeBoer]
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