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RNoAF F-16 strikes powerlines during training flight

July 7, 2014 (by Asif Shamim) - An RNoAF F-16 (Believed to be #80-3680) on a training with three other F-16s flew into high-voltage power lines in the Grong, near Nord-Trøndelag on July 7th. The jet landed safely after declaring an emergency.

Damage to the right wing and drop tank of a unknown RNoAF F-16 after it successfully recovered to Ørland AB on July 7th, 2014. [RNoAF photo]

Lieutenant Colonel Ivar Moen from the Norwegian Armed Forces reported that when the pilot realised he had made contact with powerlines he declared an in flight emergency and made a safe landing at Ørland Air Base at 13.30hrs local, where they accessed the damage to F-16. A released photograph shows damage to the right wing and drop tank.

Moen described the power-lines were in a low flying area where jets were allowed to fly at 200ft and went onto say an accident board will be launched to find out the facts and try to prevent a similar incident happening again.

Norwegian Armed Forces have been liaising with local police in Northern Norway and the state run power company Statnett, to survey the full extent of the damage caused after the collision.

According to Statnett communications director Irene Meldal, the powerlines hit provide 300,000 volts and runs between Tunnsjødal and Verdal. The pilot was fortunate and hit the top two lines which were used as lightning conductors, bringing them down. The lower three lines are part of the energised phase and were undamaged, thus not causing an power disruption in the supply.

Statnett have engineers on site to assess and repair the damage.