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Exelis wins $8.4M contract to upgrade F-16 fire control radar

May 12, 2014 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Exelis recently received a follow-on contract valued at $8.4 million from Lockheed Martin to supply Continuous Wave Illuminator (CWI) subsystems for F-16.

USAF F-16C block 30 #86-0261 from the 113th FS is seen being flown by Captain "Ahab" launching an AGM-65D Maverick missile. [Photo by SMSgt. Chapman]

The subsystem is a transmitter that works with the F-16’s fire control radar and mission computer to provide guidance for semi-active missiles. Using radio frequency energy, the system illuminates airborne targets to increase accuracy and ensure the missile finds its intended target.

The new system is much lighter and smaller than the legacy system and it performs critical targeting tasks, allowing aviators to devote their attention to the mission.

The Exelis CWI subsystem uses the latest technology for its high-voltage power supply, digital control, microwave signal generation and power amplifier circuits; it is substantially smaller and lighter than similar legacy subsystems used on older F-16s and other fighter aircraft.

Exelis in Clifton, New Jersey, will perform the manufacturing work under this contract, with deliveries to be completed in 2017. The initial contract award, for $9.4 million, was received in September 2012.

The CWI system is one of several Exelis protection suites developed to enable domestic and international customers to perform their critical missions. Leveraging its decades of innovation and experience in the electromagnetic spectrum, Exelis has identified electronic warfare as one of the company’s four strategic growth platforms.

Additional images:

An F-16 fires a HARM missile during a weapons system evaluation program mission at Hill AFB. [USAF photo]

F-16 Expanded Fire Control Computer. [Photo by Stefaan Ellebaut]