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LMTAS delivers new F-16s to Egypt

November 7, 1999 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Four new block 40 F-16Cs marked the start of new deliveries of the Fighting Falcon in ceremonies over the weekend for the Egyptian Air Force.
The aircraft delivered today are part of the Peace Vector V program announced in 1996 for additional block 40 F-16C/Ds.

Including this purchase, Egypt has now purchased a total of 196 F-16s. The initial F-16 program for Egypt began with deliveries in 1982. In August of this year, Egypt also signed a contract for an additional 24 Block 40 F-16C/D aircraft.

Lockheed Martin now has 40 follow-on buys of the F-16. These follow-on buys have been made by customers in 14 countries. The delivery of the F-16 aircraft to Egypt builds on a great year for the F-16. New Zealand recently signed agreements to acquire 28 F-16s to become the 20th user. In addition to the 24 additional aircraft ordered by Egypt earlier this year, orders for approximately 200 more aircraft have been announced by the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Greece and Israel.

To date, more than 3, 900 have been delivered to the air forces of 19 countries.