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F-16 Block 52 Full Mission Trainers for Iraq

February 19, 2013 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Two F-16 block 52 Full Mission Trainers (FMTs) are to be built for the Iraqi air force by L-3's Link Simulation & Training (L-3 Link) division under contract from the U.S. Air Force.

USAF's F-16 Mission Training Center (MTC) uses Barco's SIM 7 projection system. [USAF photo]

The contract has been awarded from the USAF Life Cycle Management Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Both the value and the delivery timelines of the two simulators weren't disclosed.

The F-16 simulators for Iraq will be built at L-3's Arlington, Texas, facility and will feature the company’s HD World® integrated simulation product line. High-definition databases, image generators, SimuSphere HD-9™ visual displays and physics-based processing technology will produce highly realistic and relevant fighter training environments within a geo-specific visual system database of Iraq.

The FMTs will incorporate L-3’s simulated Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System, enabling pilots to view flight information wherever they turn their head while conducting a flight. This simulation capability will allow pilots to practice control of aircraft targeting systems and sensors.

"We welcome Iraq as our 11th international customer for F-16 training systems," said Lenny Genna, president of L-3 Link. "Our immersive, high-definition simulation solution will enable Iraqi Air Force F-16 pilots to gain training credit equivalent to live training while conducting new pilot and advanced skills training."

L-3 is the leading provider of F-16 simulators worldwide. Since the 1970s, the company has delivered over 140 F-16 training devices in support of the U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard and international militaries. The simulators will be the first the company has delivered for Iraq.

Additional images:

Col. Andrew MacDonald helps Iraqi air force Brig. Gen. Abdulhussein Lafta Ali Ali buckle into an F-16D before an orientation flight at Tucson IAP on August 30th, 2012. MacDonald is the 162nd Operations Group commander. Abdulhussein, with a delegation of senior Iraqi officers, visited the international F-16 training wing where Iraqi pilots are learning to fly the multirole fighter. (USAF photo by Maj. Gabe Johnson)