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Fokker Landing Gear appoints MPX Dynatech as authorized distributor

December 5, 2012 (by Karen Simms) - Fokker Landing Gear, based in Helmond, The Netherlands, has announced the appointment of MPX Dynatech Distribution as a distributor for their F-16 Landing Gear products.
MPX Dynatech will increase Fokker's worldwide customer base and market presence for lightweight landing gear products and repair management of such landing gear in support of the F-16 aircraft.

"This appointment gives us the ability to better serve our customers' needs and provides a very effective foreign military sales (FMS) alternative. On the other hand this appointment allows MPX Dynatech Distribution to invest in significant inventory to support our customers around the world with off-the-shelf deliveries to meet urgent requirements," explained Christopher Wagner, Vice President for MPX Dynatech Distribution.

Ad van Dorsten, Sales Manager for Fokker further explained that "Adding MPX Dynatech Distribution to its distribution channel allows Fokker Landing Gear BV to expand our global market presence more efficiently."

Courtesy of Dynatech International LLC