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Indonesia shops for AGM-65K2 Maverick missiles

August 24, 2012 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Indonesia has requested permission from Washington to procure Raytheon AGM-65K2 Maverick air-to-ground missiles in a deal that indicates the growing military ties between the two nations.

F-16XL, armed with 6 AGM-65 Mavericks and 2 AIM-9 Sidewinders, launching a Maverick [Photo by Erwin Boone]

Indonesia has requested a possible sale of 18 AGM-65K2 Maverick missiles, 36 TGM-65K2 captive air training missiles, 3 TGM-65D maintenance training missiles as well as related equipment, spare parts, training and support , at an estimated cost of $25 million.

The Indonesian Air Force (IAF) needs these missiles to train its F-16 pilots in basic air-to-ground weapons employment. The quantities in the proposed sale will support the IAFs existing fleet of 10 F-16s, as well as the 24 refurbished F-16C/D fighter aircraft which they bought in nov 2011 and for which deliveries start by July 2014,

Should it proceed, the deal will be the second Foreign Military Sale (FMS) contract between the two countries since the US lifted an embargo on Indonesia in 2005.

The DSCA said the Maverick missiles will be used to train Indonesian Air Force (IAF) F-16 pilots in basic air-to-ground weapons employment, as well as support the IAF's existing 10 F-16 aircraft and the F-16s being procured under the US Excess Defense Articles (EDA) scheme.

"The quantities in the proposed sale will support the air force's existing fleet of 10 F-16s, as well as the 24 F-16s being provided as Excess Defense Articles. The proposed sale will foster continued co-operation between the USA and Indonesia, making Indonesia a more valuable regional partner in an important area of the world." said the DSCA.

The principal contractors will be Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona. There are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale.

This notice of a potential sale is required by law and does not mean the sale has been concluded.

Additional images:

Nose detail of TNIAU F-16A block 15 #TS-1608 from 3 sqn parked under a shelter. [Photo by Alexander Sidharta]

TNI-AU F-16B block 15 #TS-1602 ready for action. The aircraft was loaded with 4 250kg training bombs. Note the unusual slant-two bomb configuration. [Photo by Alex Sidharta]

TNI-AU F-16A block 15 #TS-1611 is returning from a mission. [Photo by Alex Sidharta]