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Greek F-16 belly lands at Larrisa Airbase

January 20, 2012 (by Asif Shamim) - A HAF F-16D block 52 from 337 Mira belly landed at Larissa Airbase in Greece on Thursday morning. Both crew were uninjured.

It is currently uncertain as to what caused the undercarriage to fail or 'fail to deploy' during the touch and go landings which were being performed as part of a training exercise. The pilot who was identified as a Captain maintained control during the landing and kept the F-16 on the runway. The runway had to be closed for a period will rescue services attended the incident.

Reports from HAF authorities indicate damage was limited to the belly and external fuel tanks of the jet, but did not go into full detail.

Following the incident the Greek airforce grounded all F-16s will investigations are undertaken to find out the route cause of the failure.