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Sunshade collapseā€ at Nellis damaging F-16s

September 8, 2011 (by Jon Somerville) - At about 17.00h local time on Thursday, September 8th a micro burst during a wind storm caused the collapse of a sun shelter at Nellis AFB, Nevada. Eight airman were injured and several types of aircraft were damaged including F-16s.

Working into the evening to free this F-16C #89-2048 of the 16th WPS from the storm that hit Nellis AFB, on September 8th.

Fortunately the injuries were deemed minor and most were released from the hospital quickly, but the damage to physical property was extensive. Boss bird F-16C with 57th OG markings was damaged along 16th Weapon Squadron #89-2048 with at least 2 visiting Hill AFB F-16s #88-0437 and another boss bird marked 466th FS #88-0466. In total eleven F-16s were under the collapsed structure along with two visiting A-10s. The A-10s that were caught under the collapse were serial 80-0180 and 82-0657 from Pope AFB's 75th Fighter Squadron. Damage appears to be minimal and likely all aircraft will fly again.

Current List of F-16s:

The weather service has estimated the winds in the microburst to have been 67 miles per hour.

The Air Force said the collapse is under investigation.

Additional images:

Getting relief from the sun is this USAF F-16C block 40 #88-0437 from the 34th FS photographed at Hill AFB on July 29th, 2006. [Photo by Duane Kaiser]