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P&W awarded F100 engine contract to power HAF F-16s

October 14, 2010 (by Stephanie Duvall) - Pratt & Whitney was awarded a $33.9 million contract for additional F100 spare engines in support of the Hellenic Air Force’s fleet of F-16 aircraft. The contract includes four F100-PW-229 Engine Enhancement Package (EEP) engines and 16 engine modules.

The first F100-PW-229 EEP engine delivery is scheduled for December 2010.

"Pratt & Whitney’s F100 team continues to work closely with the Hellenic Air Force to ensure its fleet remains safe and supportable throughout the lifecycle of its operation," said Bill Begert, vice president of Military Engines Business Development and Aftermarket Services for Pratt & Whitney.

"F100 engines have powered the Hellenic Air Force's block 52+ F-16 fleet since 2002. We are pleased the Hellenic Air Force has demonstrated its continued high confidence in the F100 engine, and we are excited about extending the benefits of lower total cost of ownership in the form of the EEP engine."

The engines will provide the Hellenic Air Force a lower total cost of ownership and will extend the outstanding record of safety for -229 fielded service. Incorporating the latest technologies, the F100-PW-229 EEP propulsion system provides advanced, dependable power for F-16 fighter aircraft around the world.

The F100-PW-229 EEP is the latest evolution of the F100 family of fighter aircraft engines and increases the engine depot inspection interval from seven to 10 years, providing up to a 30 percent life cycle cost reduction over the life the engine.

Courtesy of Pratt & Whitney Military Engines

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Pratt & Whitney/HAF Peace Xenia IV F100-PW-229 Engine patch [patchman collection]