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Pilot ejects before F-16 crashes at Osan

February 26, 2010 (by Stars & Stripes) - An Air Force pilot escaped serious injury Thursday when he ejected before his F-16 fighter crashed while landing, authorities said.

Base officials did not immediately identify the pilot, who was treated at the base hospital for minor cuts and released, said 1st Lt. Chris Hoyler, a spokesman for Osan's 51st Fighter Wing.

There were no other injuries or property damage reported in the crash, which occurred around 12:40h local time.

The fighter, an F-16C, had nearly touched down when the pilot ejected, Hoyler said.

The pilot, assigned to the wing's 36th Fighter Squadron, had just taken part in a routine training flight in which he and two other F-16s practised mock attacks on ground targets, Hoyler said.

The plane did not catch fire and remained structurally intact after the crash.

"As far as its future flyability … that won’t be decided until a thorough analysis is completed," Hoyler said.

Hoyler said reasons why the pilot ejected and whether the day's rains and cloudy skies were a factor are currently under investigation.

Pacific Air Forces headquarters in Hawaii will appoint a board to issue written findings on the crash.

Published on February 27th, 2010 in the Pacific edition of Stars and Stripes.
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