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Cubic to provide P5CTS to Egyptian Air Force

December 14, 2009 (by Jan Stevens) - Cubic Defense Applications, Inc., and and its principal subcontractor DRS Technologies are supplying there latest-generation "rangeless" P5 Combat Training System (P5CTS) to the Egyptian Air Force under a $8.5 Million contract.

"Cubic installed the Egyptian Air Force's original air combat training system more than 20 years ago. With our long history in Egypt, it is fitting that Egypt will receive the Middle East region's first P5 Combat Training System," said John Naff, Vice President of Business Development for Cubic Defense Applications.

Egypt is Cubic's third international sale involving the P5 system through the 675th Air Armament Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base.

"It is an honor to add the Egyptian Air Force to our growing list of U.S. and international customers for the world's most advanced instrumented combat training system," said Philip J. Fisch, Senior Director of Business Development for Cubic Defense Applications.

"Many nations have contacted Cubic about P5, and they are all impressed with the advanced capabilities, security accreditations and interoperability that the P5 system offers."

Planned for delivery in 2011, Egypt's new P5 system will supplement an existing Cubic air combat training system that has been in operation since the early 1990s. Egypt's Abu Suer and Fayid air bases will receive the initial P5 components, including airborne instrumentation pods and debriefing stations, but the goal is to eventually replace the earlier system with the new high-performance P5 technology.

With their new "rangeless" system, Egypt's F-16 pilots will have anywhere, anytime training capability using GPS-enabled airborne instrumentation pods that track and record weapons engagements and can be monitored in real time from a ground station. P5 also includes an advanced debriefing system -- the Individual Combat Aircrew Display System (ICADS(TM)).

Courtesy of Cubic Corporation