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LMTAS, Boeing vie for $2 bln Israeli jet order

January 11, 1998 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Round one in a competition between Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing Co for a $2 billion Israeli fighter jet order begins next month when the two submit initial offers.
Israel is expected to open negotiations with one of the companies in October and will probably sign a deal by mid-1999 for delivery three years later.

The IAF is considering the purchase of between 20 and 40 F-15Is or 25 to70 latest-block F-16s for a total of about $2 billion as part of a new 10-year modernisation program. These are intended to replace the aging F-4s and A-4s still in the IAF's inventory, as well as older-model F-16s.

The F-16s will be proposed to Israel for about $40 million each, roughly half the price the Jewish state paid for the F-15I planes that it will receive this month.