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L-3 selects Barco's SIM 7 projection system

May 19, 2009 (by Asif Shamim) - L-3 Link Simulation & Training division selected the SIM 7 projection system from Barco to provide realistic imaging for there new SimuSphere HD simulators which will be used in the USAF F-16 Mission Training Center (MTC) program.

USAF's F-16 Mission Training Center (MTC) uses Barco's SIM 7 projection system. [USAF photo]

The multi year contract includes options for the production, delivery, and sustainability of up to 20 four-ship F-16 MTCs at USAF airforce installations worldwide.

Each F-16 MTC installation will consist of up to four high-fidelity training devices that integrates with a 360° display, a robust synthetic environment, an instructor/operator station, and brief/debrief station.

Barco will supply its SIM 7 LCoS projectors, screens, and automated alignment system components for the L-3 Link's SimuSphere HD display.

Multiple Barco projectors beam high-definition imagery onto corresponding screens surrounding the simulator cockpits, providing pilots with an immersive, 360° field-of-view. HDTV-like display screens are uniquely positioned 40 inches from the pilot's eye to provide the ultimate in realism for basic and advanced pilot mission training, tactics validation, and mission rehearsal.

"We are excited about the opportunity to participate in this significant defense program with L-3 Link," said Dr. Al Herman, vice president and general manager for Barco's simulation business. "Barco's SIM 7 projection system has been selected for military flight applications because of its unprecedented level of resolution, smear-free imaging, and low cost of operation".

Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization products for a variety of selected markets. It has facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The company is active in more than 90 countries with about 3500 employees worldwide.