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ROCAF Loses an F-16B - Pilots missing

March 20, 1998 (by Lieven Dewitte) - The RoCAF lost it's first F-16B (#6828) today. It crashed into the ocean near Ma-Kung (Taiwan).
The jet lost contact with the controller on March 20th, 14:30h Taiwan Time.

The accident happened at 14:30 hours while the pilot was conducting a tactical manoeuvre training.

The jet, based at Chia Yi AB, went missing about 50 NM southwest of Peng Hu. Latitude north 23 degrees 37 minutes; longitude east 118 degrees 53 minutes.

Ships and helicopters were used to find the crew, Major Chin-Sung Wen (34 - 220 Vipe hours) and a student Captain Chia-Cheng Chan (28 - 108 Viper hours). The search was however hampered by strong winds and waves and was in vain.