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Arenalogic announces deployable F-16 training system

October 20, 2008 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Arenalogic announce today the release of their affordable high fidelity F-16 training system. A system which currently used by the Royal Danish Air force.

Cockpit view of a real RDAF F-16

The F-16 simulator is designed for military pilot training, scientific projects and for product integration and demonstration purposes.

The PC based simulator allows pilots to train aircraft avionic, operational and tactical procedures in an efficient environment.

The system allows training of advanced Air-Air and Air-Ground missions, including missions with precision guided GPS and LGB weapons.

Arenalogic is a Danish company developing, low cost, high fidelity simulation and training solutions for the military aviation community.

Additional images:

F-16 Fighting Falcon RDAF (J.W. Groenestein Collection)