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RMAF select Goodrich DB-110 reconnaissance pod

July 14, 2008 (by Asif Shamim) - Goodrich Corporation has received a contract from the US Air Force to provide its advanced DB-110 airborne reconnaissance system for the Royal Moroccan Air Force's (RMAF) F-16 block 52 aircraft.

PolAF F-16C block 52 #4040 seen operating the Goodrich DB-110 EO/IR reconnaissance pod on December 12th, 2006. [Photo by Tom Reynolds]

The Foreign Military Sale (FMS) contract calls for Goodrich to provide four F-16 reconnaissance pods, data links, multiple ground exploitation systems and related support services. Work will be performed by the company's ISR Systems teams in Chelmsford, USA. and Malvern, UK.

Goodrich's DB-110 allows pilots to capture images day or night using electro-optical sensors. Images can then be transmitted back for real time analysis. The system is in use on F-16s operated by the Hellenic (HAF) and Polish (PolAF) Air Forces.

Tom Bergeron, President, ISR Systems, Goodrich, said, "The DB-110 system represents the highest reconnaissance capabilities within NATO and provides full interoperability among NATO nation operators. Successful experience on F-16 aircraft in both Greece and Poland assures that the RMAF can expect to receive a high-performance, low-risk proven solution."

The DB-110 is deemed to be the most advanced electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) reconnaissance pod available for the F-16. It provides long-range, high-resolution, stand off imaging capabilities. The on-board system can be operated autonomously, with the DB-110 being controlled by the pod's reconnaissance management system.

Imagery obtained can be viewed on the F-16's cockpit video display, enabling the pilot to verify targets and conduct tasks such as battle damage assessment. The real-time display also gives the aircrew the ability to seek out targets of opportunity or select alternate route to a specific target.

Morocco is acquiring 24 Lockheed Martin block 52+ F-16 advanced multi-role fighters under the FMS program.