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CCIP helps Luke stay on top of training

June 10, 2008 (by A1C C.J. Hatch) - The 310th Aircraft Maintenance Unit sends its last F-16 to be fitted with the new common configuration implementation program making Luke aircraft more lethal and survivable for training and combat operations.
Started in 2001, CCIP is a comprehensive $2 billion upgrade effort designed to provide enhanced mission capabilities and a common avionics configuration to block 40, 42, 50 and 52 F-16s.

The modernization program increases aircraft capability through common hardware and software in F-16s.

"CCIP is the centerpiece of our F-16 modernization plan, and it's delivering far-reaching benefits to our warfighters," said Master Sgt. Ronald Fischer, 310th AMU production superintendent. "Not only does it enhance the Falcon's lethality and survivability, it also makes the F-16 more affordable to maintain because of the common avionics hardware and software throughout Luke's block 40 and block 50 aircraft," he explained.

The program involves the installation of a new avionics suite and other components, including a new mission computer, color displays, an enhanced horizontal situation indicator and an air-to-air interrogator allowing beyond line-of-site use of the AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missile.

"This definitely improves maintenance," said Staff Sgt. Keath Cabatana, 310th AMU avionics craftsman. "By combining line replaceable units like they have with CCIP, has made fault identification easier and more efficient."

Other CCIP elements include a Link-16 capability with the multifunctional information distribution system enabling increased pilot awareness and communication among other aircraft. New elements also included the joint helmet mounted cueing system enabling first-look, first-shot capability and high over-the-shoulder engagement with the AIM-9X missile.

"Having all of our jets fully modified will definitely enhance the wing's mission," Sergeant Fischer said. "This is a great upgrade for the operations side and improves maintenance for a long time to come."

Courtesy of 56 Fighter Wing Public Affairs