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NovaLogic announces "F-16 Viper"

May 20, 1998 (by Lieven Dewitte) - NovaLogic announced that it will launch "F-16 Viper". This flight simulation features an industry-first, large-scale multiplayer capability that allows F-16 Viper pilots to compete against multiple products within the same on-line combat arena via
In this unified airspace environment, players can get a taste of fighting against other fixed-wingjets such as a MiG 29 or other player-controlled planes. "F-16 Viper" equips the PC gamer with authentic features and options such as the F-16 cockpit design, accurate HUD display symbology and authentic avionics.

By working closely with Lockheed Martin experts, NovaLogic development has incorporated a highly realistic F-16 flight model into "Viper. "