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US F-16s fly overwatch missions in Iraq

May 25, 2007 (by Asif Shamim) - In Iraq, an F-16 Fighting Falcon strafed anti-Iraqi insurgents with 20mm cannon rounds. The insurgents were firing on coalition forces near Basrah.

A USAF F-16C seen taking off from a base in Iraq to perform a close-air-support mission for coalition ground forces.

The JTAC reported several of the enemy forces were killed or wounded. The fighter also provided armed overwatch for a convoy.

Another F-16 conducted a show of force over a check point in Baquba. The show of force was reported as successful, while other F-16s provided armed overwatch for a convoy

An F-16 over Al Muqdadiyah performed a show of force and searched for suspicions persons in a field. The pilot observed a truck that picked up passengers and relayed the information to the ground force commander through the JTAC. The truck was stopped and searched by coalition ground forces. Another F-16 provided was tasked to watch villages for suspicious activity.

Near Bayji, an F-16 provided armed overwatch for ground forces detonating IEDs.